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The Perfect Pairing of NFT and a Community Coin - Ethergrass & $WAGMI

The year is 4269. Humans are slaves to a race of Artificial Intelligence. They live on the Planet X-B31. The humans main purpose on this pure rock and metal planet is to mine precious metals for the AI super race. The rarest item a human can possess is a single blade of grass. If they are able to find 2 blades of grass, they can buy their freedom.

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The BEST Token community!

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  • We love grass
  • We love community
  • We love you
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WAGMI’s utility unleashes the power of community

WAGMI is positioned to become the global dominant meme coin on the Binance Smart Chain, aiming to be a top 100 crypto project, by providing liquidity to NFT projects, emerging artists and equal opportunity for the global citizenry.


  • No Taxes, No Inflation
  • BSCscan Verified Contract
  • No Pre-Sale
  • Community Focused

  • 25% held back for GrassDAO
  • Community (admin, mktg, charity)
  • Community NFT Collection
  • Legit

  • CoinGecko listing (coming soon)
  • CoinMarketCap listing (coming soon)
  • Rug-Pull Protection

  • Liquidity Fully Decentralized
  • True Scarcity

  • 31,000,000 coins total supply
  • To The Moon

    We All Gonna Make It.